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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  September 10, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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ravens and bangles tonight. first game of the season. fans are pumped. the team is prepared. dedicated to the man who brought football to this town. >> gelden boy, honored today, we got the details on how michael phelps and olympians are getting a congratulations later. >> legacy of love. thank you for joining us. i hope you had a great weekend. lynette did good this weekend. >> unfortunately, the traffic is starting to pick up on the main lines. we have the ravens game. expect a lot of congestion downtown, near mt bank stadium.
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>> let us know how to drive. >> the sweater, the sweater, in to the afternoon, take a light jacket. i have the jacket. this morning, this is what we are working with. temperatures in the 50s. a taste of fall, 53 in glennwood. 55 owings mills. the temperatures will get warmer throughout the day. coming in a little bit below where we should be. plenty of sunshine, making it feel nice and comfortable outside. the most powerful radar is dry. we will stay that way as we go through the afternoon and this trend is going to stick around through the next several days. if you need to wab the wash the car, you have a good stretch of days to do so. in to 8:00, lots of sunshine once again. cool, temperature 61, lunchtime, eat the lunch
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outdoors. 74 degrees, winds picking up northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. still a stellar day on tap. by 3:00, nice and pleasant, temperature 77. that's the high for today. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, perfect football weather. best of luck to the ravens tonight. hopefully they can beat the bangles. harrisburg expressway, nice and clear. a live look, knot of the beltway, remaining that way onto the jfx, down the fayette street. the west side of the beltway, traffic is just starting to pick up. you are looking at a 13 minute rides on the outer loop, 795, towards 95. no delays on 695, parkville all the way up to towson, 95, northeast corridor in great shape. 4 minute ride from route 43 to the beltway. they are doing this for art model. the team is dedicating their
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season to the icon who brought football to charm city. sherrie johnson is live on how they plan to honor model. >> reporter: we are here at dunkin donuts, talking to fans all morning long, everyone is excited and pumped up. tonight at 7:00, the ravens take on the cincinnati bangles at mt bank stadium. it's abuzz this morning. the ravens are dedicating this season to art model. he was the former ravens owner and man who brought football back to baltimore. this year the ravens could face the biggest challenge yet. the ravens will play 8 of the 16 games against teams that made the playoffs last year. the ravens won't have torrell. we caught up with the fans, here is what they have to say about the team. love the ravens, they are a great team. my daughter goes to college in
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baltimore. i have adopted them. that's my team. i think they have a good shot to win tonight. i'm sure they will win. i would go with the ravens. >> all right. as you can see, lots of excitement in the air, folks are excited about the ravens. the game stats at 7:00 tonight at mt bank stadium. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. friends and family will say good-byes to heart model. his funeral is going to happen at 11:00 tuesday at the congregation in pikesville. it will not be open to the public. more than 3000 people did show up at mt bank stadium saturday to pay respects to the man who brought football back to baltimore. model passed away thursday at the age of 87. friends and family gathering to say good byes to a sheriff's deputy killed last nurse a car crash. a view willing be held today
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and tomorrows his funeral is wednesday at the mountain christian church. he will be buried after at the bel air memorial gardens. life was cut short but legacy will always be alive. athletes at mvp will know the name yeardly love. she was killed by her ex- boyfriend and there is a field dedicated to the cockeysville native. >> reporter: it took 18 months of planning and fund raiseing to ton this field in to reality. for love's family and those here at mbp it was worth the sweat and tears. a brand new turf field with love's name on it. students who play soccer, field hockey and lacrosse will get to play on the field every year, love's mother, sharon and her sister lexi, were at the school yesterday to dedicate the field, this project cost 1.2 $1.2 million in donations.
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love played lacrosse and field hockey behind the buildings of notre dame prop before going to uva before she was killed by an ex boyfriend. for love's mother and sister, working on the field helped them get through some of the darkest days. >> i gives us something positive to work on. it got us going and out everyday. >> reporter: yeardly love's mom and sister will attend the games, they plan to take their message to a national audience. set to appear in an interview on the show katie, which airs right here on abc 2 at 4:00 in the afternoon. linda so, abc2 news. the winningiest olympian, michael phelps will be honored. he has had the 2 total medals,
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18 gold. the governor and mayor will salute all olympian as at the amphitheater at 4:00 this afternoon. the grand finale will include confetti. time is running out for you to give your input on how the electric companies handled the storm that caused the days of power outages pt today is the deadline to submit comments to the public commission. that will regulate the state's electric companies. the pfc is planning a hearing this thursday and friday. 2012 coverage, less than two months to go until election day. the white house hopefuls, hitting key battleground states. seniors in florida during the weekend, president obama blasted the mitt romney medicare plan. >> here is the bottom line.
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their plan bankrupts medicare. our plan strengthens medicare. >> mitt romney, he was on an interview with nbc and used the jobs report, the economy adding just 96,000 jobs to rip president barack obama's record. he is holding a rally in ohio, president obama is scheduled to be at the white house. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers...
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and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you. we told you time and again about the dangers of giving out personal information over the phone, scammers don't give up, they keep trying because it seems like it works. >> they are using medicare as a way to get in. joce sterman has a warning you need to hear about in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: it doesn't take much for a scammer to cause you
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pain. all they have to do is ring your phone and use federal health care reform as a ploy. cog to the maryland attorney generals office, people claiming they work for government are calling, saying you need to verify or give personal information. they may have for your social security number or your bank account information, the attorney general warns there is no such verification program. his advice is simple, don't give your personal information to someone you don't know. any government agency or business you work with, will already have the details they need so they shouldn't have to ask. giving up your information puts you at risk. scammers can use what they get to steal your identity, in to your bank accounts or take out loans in your name. if someone calls claiming to work for uncle sam, don't take the bait. joce sterman, abc2 news. if you get a medicare scam phone call, the attorney generals office wants to hear from you. write town the number that pops up if you have caller id.
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contact the office. 188887430023. lip lynn has a check of -- lynette charles has a check of the forecast. the cool down was coming, you delivered. >> exactly. behind the cold front, beautiful outside. this is going to stick around for a while. enjoy it. let me show you what is going on. the big picture here. we can see basically two-thirds of the nation, we are really dealing with clear skies, all this translating to plenty of sunshine throughout the day. we zone in on our area, we can't find a cloud out there, that's why temperatures are really able to drop off as we go through this morning. high pressure is the culprit. the reason why we will have the
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co air in here as we go through today. now temperatures in the 50s from man chest tore bel air, northeast coming in at 56 degrees. future friend, not picking up on a lot. we can see for today, tomorrow, the next day, we will be seeing plenty of sunshine in the forecast , the hour by hour forecast takes us to 77 for today. nice and pleasant. next three days, 77 again. 81 heading in to wednesday. the o's playing, it's going to be spectacular for them as well. we have a slight chance for a shower as we head in to sunday. i will fine tune that for you. great weather for the ravens game tonight. best of luck to them. i hope they can beat the bangles. harrisburg expressway, no delays, hunt valley. clear from shawan, down to 695, traffic is just starting to pick up, on 95, here is a live look at 395, heading downtown.
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it's going to take you 9 minutes to travel through the fort mc henry tunnel to the toll plaza. if you are heading 695s congestion now in dundalk,ist stop and go on the inner loop from the thousand the key bridge toll plaza. the outer loop, clear up towards towson, if you are heading to the west side, 13 minutes from 795, towards 95. that's a look at your abc2 news time save traffic, back over to you. health alert, flu season is around the corner, now is the time to get prepared. the american academy of pediatrics is urging children that parents get them vaccinated. family members and those in contact with young children also need to get vaccinated. pregnant women as well. >> not only are women more vulnerable to influenza complications dug pregnancy but babies maybe affected by the
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flu. we know that pregnant women who get vaccinated for the flu have healthier and pass on antibodies to the newborn. >> often times the vaccinations parents have questions. . a study finds postpartum depression may affect a child's height. mothers with postpartum depression struggle with breast- feeding practices. they don't do the recommended breast-feeding. they also found -- people with attachments, have anxiety. research was done at johns hopkins and research shows that when compared to children, to mothers without deimpressive symptoms, children of depressed moms had a 48% higher risk of
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being in the 10 percentile height between the ages of 4 and 5 years old. this is not what you expect to see falling from the sky. >> a piece of a plane crashing to the ground. how does this happen and where did it come from? details straight ahead. >> this is a story you were asking to weigh in on. have you heard of pole dancing for kids? is that going too far?
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a dance studio in canada has pole dancing for the kids. >> the instructor says her classes are about fitness and fun. children who pole dance get an excellent workout and upper body strength. her spinners class has four children signed up. not a lot. their papers, they do it as an
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adult class. >> my dance students will have pole at home to practice and stretch. >> it would be great if there was classes to learn how to properly do something. there is nothing provocative or sexual about it. it's pure fitness and strength and fun. kids love climbing trees. >> the pole dancing isn't new, there was a championship in russia, where kids as young as 7 were allowed to compete. this is a hot topic. many of you weighing in. julie says this is a joke, right? joseph says, sick. >> doesn't seem like a lot of you like this. you can go to our facebook page. give us comments. i have to agree. >> one person said, wait a second for example you remove the sexual innuendo, it is a great form of exercise. it maybe should be considered a at way for people to exercise
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something other to get the kids up and moving. >> let's us know what you think. speaking of facebook. loren is back. no pole dancing. this is better, stacey sent in this picture of her son, jackson and dog shads doe. they went surfing near the route 90 bridge, in to ocean city. great picture. we posted it on facebook. it's generated a lot of comments. hey, mom, this is one way to beat the traffic. i would not go in there, i smell sharks. we look forward to the segment. imagine looking out your window and seeing a massive object falling from the sky. you think falling star or, i
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don't know. >> a piece of a plane. this happened in washington, not a bird, rather a part of a plane. landing gear from a boeing 767, plunged to the ground and didn't hit anything. >> it was a big flap of medal. >> this is a piece of the door that fell. i couldn't pick up the whole thing. i got a little piece. >> some people say they have a souvenir, faa is investigating what happened. here is the kicker, they haven't determined what plane this came from. >> it's strange. you think they would be able to track that down immediately. 3q
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the third largest school district in the country shut down, teachers have had enough. what happens now that 29,000 educators are on strike. september means savings. we are working for you to save you cash. safing money, something for free, back by popular demand. a department store offering free services to your kids. those stories straight ahead. september 10th. thank you for joining us. i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. loren cook has a check on the roads. lynette charles looking at the
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weather. people have plans to go down to the inner harbor or the game. >> we are dressed in our purple. >> go ravens. >> knock yourself out. >> tomorrow we have to wear orange. >> yeah. >> yeah, purple and orange. i love this, team spirit up here. the weather is going to be stellar. we have a beautiful vo of bel air this morning -- view of bel air, the sun coming up. daylight out there, beautiful skies, wall to wall sunshine, blue skies continue as we head throughout the day. as we look at the temperature in bel air, this is the caveat. if you don't lake the cooler air, that's this morning w temperature at 57. the dew point at 50, that dry air is finally here. we are finally feeling it. catonsville, 57 degrees this morning with the dew point of 50. the winds northwest at 9 miles an hour. north westerly wind is a


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